Our Passion & Our Commitment

Where We Began The Journey

I’ve had a long love affair with handmade soaps and the many beautiful products I would discover in my travels throughout the country and Europe. I was always impressed and amazed by the quality of soap and scents these artisans produced.  A few years ago, after my son traveled to the Amish Country of Pennsylvania on a school trip and returned with a gift of three handmade soaps, I began doing extensive research to understand how to create the perfect, natural soap for my family and friends. In 2020 with their support and encouragement as well as the support of the soaping community around the world, I launched Sea Mist Soaps to offer my creations and passion to you. The response has been overwhelmingly positive.  I hope you will fall in love with our handmade soaps and enjoy the ever-growing catalog of our unique products.

I welcome you to Sea Mist Soaps and hope you will enjoy our products as much as I enjoy making them for you.    

Cathy Anderson, Founder and Chief Saponifier  Sea Mist Soaps

What Inspires Us...The Vision

Driven by our love of pure handmade soap, Sea Mist Soaps was inspired and is committed to creating the absolute highest quality natural soaps for your body and skin. We source the purest, unrefined and chemical-free butters, oils, essential oils and fragrances available. Sea Mist Soaps creates award winning bespoke handmade soaps that satisfy the demand and desire for exceptional quality and value. Unlike commercial bar soap, when you use our products you will immediately notice the exquisite lather and soothing scents leave your skin feeling soft and silky with no dryness and stripping of the natural oils your skin needs to stay healthy.

Discover Your Very Own Favorites

With so many scents, combinations of beautiful oils and natural ingredients, you will love discovering your personal favorites. With hundreds of different fragrances and countless designs, your favorite soap will be your own discovery and choice. 

Where Art & The Science of Soap Meets Craftsmanship

Crafting the perfect soap is a meeting of art and science. Careful selection of ingredients and scents require years of research and testing to ensure the highest quality and safest product for you and your families. Deep knowledge of how each ingredient reacts and behaves in the soap making process goes into our process and the perfecting of recipes and design techniques.  Our soaps are all cured for at least six weeks and quality tested by us before we offer them for sale to ensure the longest lasting, gentlest bar of soap possible.  

Designed Just For You

Sea Mist Soaps are individually created for you. Each bar is unique as we produce our soaps in small batches.  We offer plant-based, vegan soaps as well as traditional natural oil and goat's milk soaps. We use 100% aloe juice rather than distilled water in nearly all of our recipes other than our goat's milk soaps which use 100% goat's milk.  Our inventory grows every day with new offerings so make sure to come back often. Our soaps make perfect gifts for family and friends and we can ship anywhere you would like.